IAPS International Network Symposium 2013

Sustainable environments in a changing global context

Identifying opportunities for innovative spaces and practices in contexts of crisis

A Coruña, Spain, June 25-28, 2013

Socio-cultural sustainability: historical and traditional environments in cities of the globalizing world


Hulya Türgut

Hülya Turgut (Chair)

Professor, PhD, Coordinator of the IAPS-CSBE Network

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


Dina Shehayeb

Dina Shehayeb


Housing and Building National Research Center, Cairo- Egypt


Derya Oktay

Derya Oktay


Eastern Mediterranean University Famagusta, North Cyprus- Turkey.





Sustainable development has traditionally focused on an environmentalism framework that gives priority to overcoming the problem of ecological degradation.  Although environmental concerns are the cornerstone of sustainable development, until recently sustainable development was viewed solely through the lens of the environmentalist. However as the concept has matured, increasing emphasis has been placed on its interconnection to cultural, social and economic dimensions of development.


This session specifically discusses the concepts of social and cultural sustainability and then situates them within the urban context. It will identify the areas of concern of these two strands of sustainability, arguing that they converge where the use of environmental resources and the ecological impacts of city activities are influenced and determined by socio‐cultural factors. A key question when integrating culture in the sustainable development framework is to understand the ambiguous relationship between culture, development and sustainability in a globalizing world.  When discussing cultural sustainable development it is critical to move beyond talking about preservation of `heritage´, ‘cultural identities’ and ‘whole ways of life’.


In line with these, this session will focus on elaborating the socio-cultural issues as key dimensions of sustainable development along with economic and environmental dimensions. Presenters of the session will  focus on culture, city and sustainable development in a traditional and global context by introducing various cases from their countries.



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