IAPS International Network Symposium 2013

Sustainable environments in a changing global context

Identifying opportunities for innovative spaces and practices in contexts of crisis

A Coruña, Spain, June 25-28, 2013

The Added Value of People-Environment Studies for Housing Research and Practice


Roderick J. Lawrence

Roderick J. Lawrence (Chair)

PhD, Founding Coordinator of the IAPS Housing Network

University of Geneva, Switzerland


Sherry Ahrentzen

Sherry Ahrentzen

PhD Shimberg Professor of Housing Studies

University of Florida, USA


Carole Després

Carole Després

PhD Professor

Université Laval, Québec- Canada





During the last 40 years the field of People-Environment Studies has made a substantial contribution to housing research from both theoretical and methodological perspectives. Members of the IAPS Housing Network have assumed an active role in the compilation of research since that network was founded in 1986. A number of conferences and symposia have been organized, and peer reviewed books and journals have been published under the auspices of the network.


In this Symposium, the IAPS Housing Network is organizing a session that will illustrate the added value of the contributions of People-Environment Studies to the broad field of housing research. Sherry Ahrentzen and Carole Després are two eminent scholars who have been active in housing research. They will focus their presentations on housing for the elderly, a specific population group that is growing in size in all countries that have experienced the demographic transition. Their presentations will show how a range of policies and practices stemming from empirical studies can be applied to address the housing requirements of this specific group. The added value of these kinds of contributions is that the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches of People-Environment Studies are not repeated by other research in disciplinary fields such as housing finance, housing markets, or ownership and tenure. Therefore the kind of research presented by the two speakers is complementary to the contributions of housing economists, political scientists and others.



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