IAPS International Network Symposium 2013

Sustainable environments in a changing global context

Identifying opportunities for innovative spaces and practices in contexts of crisis

A Coruña, Spain, June 25-28, 2013

Useful information

Time zone


Spain time Central European Standard Time is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1).





This area is frequently known as green Spain as a result of its temperate climate and elevated rain fall. The north of Spain has an average rain fall comparable with that found in the UK and France and four distinct seasons, although you must always carry an umbrella with you. The reason of this temperate climate are the hundreds of kilometers of coastline.





- Currency exchange: Foreign banknotes and traveler's check can be exchanged at foreign exchange banks and other authorized moneychangers.


- Credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, American Express and Master Card are widely accepted at major services in the larger cities. The best option is to choose a credit card provider who does not charge commission on overseas transactions and uses the current bank rate.



Business hours


At the shopping centers or shopping areas, the main stores don´t close at lunch time, just the small traders.


Opening hours at the city center:


Monday- Saturday: 09.00 - 21.00
Sunday: Closed



Emergencies and information


112 is the common emergency telephone number that can be dialed free of charge from any telephone or any mobile phone.


For any information about the city, you can call 010 for free.





Tipping was not common in Spain. Nevertheless, more and more people do it nowadays, may be because of the tourists influence. The waiters and waitresses always expect a tip, a bit of the change after the clients have paid their bill.


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